Jiří Bošek - BóšaJiří Bošek - Bóša

Bosa is a Czech photographer who admires life and people. Among his clients and partners, he is known for his sense of atmosphere, detail-capturing and creativity. His style is original and enthusiasm unfailing. It is clear that he loves what he does.

Tel: 737 741 574
Email: bosa@bosa.cz


Taking commercial pictures I was lucky to shoot for a number of world known companies. I work in an atelier as well as outdoors and I also like to shoot in a bit more extreme conditions such as in mountains, in water and so on. My pics can be found in Czech and foreign brand catalogs and made as billboards, posters and various marketing material as well.

My clients:

Mammut, Marmot, Black Yak, Singing Rock, Bianchi, Direct Alpine, Lowe Alpine, Silvini, Voxx, Black, Sportcool, 4Fun, Ortlieb and more.

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