Jiří Bošek - BóšaJiří Bošek - Bóša

Bosa is a Czech photographer who admires life and people. Among his clients and partners, he is known for his sense of atmosphere, detail-capturing and creativity. His style is original and enthusiasm unfailing. It is clear that he loves what he does.

Tel: 737 741 574
Email: bosa@bosa.cz


To meet a lot of new people with every project, listen to their stories and spend with each of them few hours can be pretty inspiring.  While photo shooting I actually capture their faces and stories into a visual form and freeze them there, in a photograph. That is what I like about this work. The ever-changing life and movement gets frozen.

What I do:

Portrait - I usually aim to capture your expression and personality that is typical for you in a picture that you are happy with. I prefer naturalness…but sure we can go artistic!

Glamour – This type of sexy style photography celebrates female beauty, enchantment and charm. It captures the atmosphere of femininity and it doesn’t have to be nude. The shooting usually takes place indoors, in an atelier, but we can make wonderful pictures at home too.

Act/Nude – This is an artistic style focused on human body, light and shade. Act works with human body (nude or semi-nude) to show its esthetical beauty combined usually with spectacular light conditions. 

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