Jiří Bošek - BóšaJiří Bošek - Bóša

Bosa is a Czech photographer who admires life and people. Among his clients and partners, he is known for his sense of atmosphere, detail-capturing and creativity. His style is original and enthusiasm unfailing. It is clear that he loves what he does.

Tel: 737 741 574
Email: bosa@bosa.cz


I have been photo shooting sports action for a number of years. Those moments of action, concentration, euphoria, ambition and victory or disappointment are fascinating for me.  I take indoor and outdoor sports events and have experience also with adrenalin sports such as rock-climbing and expeditions. I have been active sportsman myself for many years and therefore I feel confident to find the best angle, best moment, best turn on a track or sportsman’s body posture so the picture is authentic. Having an idea what the particular sport takes, I can inject another emotion into the pictures.

My camera in action:

Olympic Games London 2012, Ironman 70.3, UK, Race Across America (RAAM) 2014, USA,  London Duathlon and Marathon, 2013, The World Championship in cross-country skiing, The Mastership of The Czech Republic in athletics, Rally Bohemia, Spartan race2014-2015 and more.

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